Aids hiv virus infection in the stage of aidsKidney Cancer
AllergyLarge Intestine Cancer
AlzheimerLeprosy Hansen
AnemiaLeptospirosis Disease
AnthraxLeukemia Blood Cancer
AppendicitisLiver Cancer
AsthmaLungs Cancer
Bells PalsyLupus
Bird FluLymph Gland Cancer Lymphoma
Bone CancerMalaria
Brain CancerMeningitis Brain Membrane Infection and Spinal Marrow
Brain ConcussionMultiple Sclerosis
Breast CancerNarcotic Addict
CancerNasopharinx Cancer
Cervix CancerNerve Cancer
Chain SmokingOsteoporosis
Chicken Pox and Snake Pox Herpes ZosterOveractive Bladder
ChikungunyaPancreas Cancer
ChlamydiaParotitis Mumps
CholeraPig Flu
Coronary Heart AttackPneumonia
Dengue FeverPolio
Diabetes MellitusProstate Cancer
Diarrhea and VomitingPsychosomatic
Ebola Dengue FeverRabies
EpilepsyRenal (Kidney) Disease
Eyes CancerRetinopathies Diabetic
Fire Pox or Monkey PoxSars
Fungus Infection at GenitalSchizophrenia
Gall StoneSingapore Flu Mouth Arms Foot Disease
Gastric CancerSinusitis
Genital Wart or Genital UlcerSkin Cancer
Heart AttackTBC Tuberculosis
Hepatitis AThalassemia
Hepatitis BThyroid Cancer
Hepatitis CTongue Cancer
Herpes SimplexTonsillitis
Hiv virus early stage of hiv infection before the stage of aidsTorch Toxo Rubella cmv Herpes
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)Tumor
HyperuricemiaTyphoid Fever or Typhus
HypothyroidUrinary Tract Infection
Infection of helicobacter pylori bacteriaVaginal Discharge
Infection of The Human Flesh Eating Bacteriawhooping pertussis 100 days cough