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Each creature has energy field surrounding. So, aura is an energy field surrounding the body which has layer in several colors and rays. Aura reflects one’s personality and character. It is proved, for instance, you feel like or dislike to someone you meet for the first time. This phenomenon describes aura interaction or energy field among people.

Research due to human aura began in 1935 when S. Kirlian, a professor from Russia, invented a high voltage photography machine to see energy field surrounding human’s arm and leg. This technology was known as Kirlian photography then.

In 1985, researchers invented new technology called Aura Photography using sensor biofeedback in both arms and send it to camera to be printed in Polaroid photo. From this technology, we can see our aura printed in photo paper.

The development of technology in aura was getting more interesting since Computerized Multimedia Biofeedback System called Aura Video Station invented by Fisslinger, a researcher from Jerman, 1998. Aura can be seen dynamically in the monitor screen. This technology combines several science to support it such as computer technology, biofeedback, color therapy and therapy using vibration.


Chandra means moon, which is known that the gentle energy of moon is associated with beauty; and for spiritualist, it is a common, real, and powerful. This gentle and beautiful energy of moon is the basic of beauty itself, for instance, people always associated something beautiful with moon.

Chandra Aura is a reiki system combining power and beauty of the moon to cleanse, strengthen, and open all aura buried in human. The power of moon energy, cosmic, the base of flower beauty, the gentle of dew, and the mystical power of moon are combined into a powerful reiki system to cleanse, open, strengthen and activate all positive power of aura.

Chandra Aura Reiki is a simple system with no symbol and mantra. Use intention only to flow the energy to cleanse your aura or others.


Chandra Aura Reiki is very useful for:

  1. Cleaning impurity and negative energy within
  2. Opening all blockage in aura
  3. Activating hidden power of aura such as charisma, attraction power and inner beauty.
  1. Giving calm and peace in heart.
  2. Cleansing all negative emotion such as anger, hate,
  3. Brightening the face to make it looks more beautiful and
  4. Brightening the body, disappearing all bad
  5. Prosperity, career, soul mate, and stay
  6. Emerging self confidence and full of energy all the
  7. etc.



Chandra Aura consist only 1 level, i.e. Master Level and it is a compulsory to be a reiki master in any tradition to receive chandra aura reiki attunement. The system of Chandra Aura is cleansing all aura layer from impurities, negative energy; and opening all power of aura then connecting practitioner with the source of Chandra Aura Reiki.


According research done by Fisslinger, there are 12 aura color:

Dark Red. People with this color have a good physical power, hard worker, action-oriented, reality, intensive vitality, overactive, lower level of desire, materialist, stressful.

Red. People with this color are energetic, competitive, leader, winner, brave, full of desire, sexy, entrepreneur, exciting, dealing with promotion.

Orange. People with this color are productive, positive, a wanderer, creative, and expressive. They like challenge, joy, and business oriented.

Brownish Yellow. People with this color are careful, logic, detail oriented, honest, and tough in thinking and acting, deal with science, safety, and structural.

Yellow People with this color are warm hearted, optimist, creative, cheerful, philanthropist, like to speeding, easy going, like to study, smart. But, the color would be disturbed if the intelligence is used to cheat.

Green People with this color are social, close to nature, pet-lover, harmonist, teachers, easy to communicate and interact with others, good in serving. They tend to work in services.

Dark Green. People with this color are result-oriented, prosperity, material, communicative, wealthy-leader, full of responsibility, good manager. They have ambitious planning, strong will and ambition, fast thinking.

Blue. People with this color are sensitive, helpful, full of love and intention, loyal, peaceful. They like to help and serve others.

Dark Blue (Indigo) People with this color are calm, full of love, truth-searcher, introvert, artistic. They have deep feeling and authentic value.

Violet People with this color are intuitive, artistic, idealist, magic, sensual, theorist, futurist, charismatic. They have vision, not compromise, full of possibility, successful innovator.

Pink (Lavender). People with this color are full of imagination, mystical, full of fantasy, dreamer, artistic, soft, creative, sensitive. They tend to daydreaming, not realistic, and ethereal.

White. People with this color are transformative, transcendent, spiritual, healer, peaceful, enlightened, sensitive. They live in higher dimension dominated by relation with God, in unhealthy condition.

Red rose. Honest love, soft hearted and good personality.

Brown Stingy and egocentric.

Gold. Supreme personality and good characteristic.

Silver. High energy, useful, continuous changing.

Gray. Depressed, fear, and low energy.

Black. Evil, bad intention, and dishonest.

Using Aura Photo, researchers conclude that the aura (shape, color, and brightness) of healthy person is different than that of sick person. Moreover, aura or energy field gives an indication before the physical condition occur, even though someone is said to be healthy physically.


Using aura analysis, there several things that can be known and applied in daily activity, e.g. psychology and health. To recruit employer, it can be fit both personality and one’s duty. To detect health, aura analysis would give a deeper analysis about one’s condition. People dealing with pranic or inner power would know how active their chakras are; and people dealing with meditation or spiritual, would notice which technique yields the best result.


Includes 1 manual and a beautiful certificate!

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 GMT + 7 on working days, but you do NOT need to be “present” (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not “prepared in advance”, but performed in “real time”. I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.

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