gTumo Anchors Level 4



Vajra Master Grade/ Master Teacher

A Vajra Master can apply gTumo for many purposes by touching his hands to an object or by using such symbols in gTumo. In a direct application of gTumo in a patient’s body, a Vajra Master put his hands on patient’s shoulder and with his both thumbs on the medulla oblongata. A gTumo distribution by a Vajra Master takes 10 to 15 minutes. The differences between Vajra Master Grade and the Master Grade are the quantity and quality of energy that is  distributed into the patient’s body. At the Vajra Master Grade, the gTumo energy distributed is much higher and softer compared to the Master Grade gTumo so that the whole of healing process happen in much shorter time. At the Vajra Master Grade, someone can give angkur to other people.

Prerequisite: gTumo 1, 2, 3

Includes 1 manual and a beautiful certificate!

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 GMT + 7 on working days, but you do NOT need to be “present” (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not “prepared in advance”, but performed in “real time”. I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.



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