I Will do Antiageing Reiki or Energy Healing Session



This youthing (or anti-aging) session is unique way how to help yourself look younger, improve and promote healthy cell regeneration and help body function as it would be younger. Energies sent in session will improve your physical appearance to help you look younger, erased signs of time and help you feel younger.

I use unique blend of energies to promote healthy body functioning, boost skin condition and overall fill every cell in your body with high frequency energy, so they work perfectly and regenerate as for young body as much as possible.

Though, it is important to remember that this session is like face treatment or gym – for best results it’s recommend to do it regularly, as it works best if done regularly. Also, if there is much damage, it can’t be reversed in one session, so it can take several sessions to get improve . it’s important to remember that it should be combined with healthy lifestyle and diet to Maximize effect of this session.

This session has already shown positive results for some clients, so it’s now your turn to use these energies to delay signs of time, look and feel younger and keep body youthful and healthy.

I Will do Antiageing Reiki or Energy Healing Session for 7 days, @ 5 Hours.