I will Increase Your Money Attraction Aura



In the system of hypnosis, we are taught to always think positive because what we think will come into reality as several idioms state: “you are what you think”, “what you believe will happen”, “your believe will save you”.

This is also comprehensively discussed in “The Secret”, a best seller book in the print industry.

Our thoughts – and if our thoughts are strong hence we believe them to be true – will in certain conditions stimulate our subconscious to realize it.

If our beliefs have stimulated the subconscious, it will be difficult to stop unless we reprogram our beliefs.

Therefore, thinking positive is recommended to gain prosperity and love from this universe. Thinking positive toward prosperity will stimulate our subconscious to open doors that will flow money into our lives. Without even noticing it, we have made a belief/faith system in our selves toward prosperity that also makes a change in our nerve system and in our brain, namely ideas will emerge such as ideas to produce something creative that has a high selling value and also open our chance to have the best business to flow cash into our lives; open our thoughts on how to make money and begin to open the surrounding environment to help us gain the amount of money that we wish for.

In the world of palmistry or the art of palm line reading, our belief also change the lines of our palm related to money. The change of palm lines are related with the establishment of nerve tracks about money in our brain and our subconscious.

What we think will become a field of energy/aura suitable to that thought. The stronger our thought, the greater the field of energy/aura will develop.

In a very strong condition to the mental and subconscious level, the thoughts will not only shape the field of energy/aura, but also shape a certain consciousness system in accordance to those thoughts.

I will Increase Your Money Attraction Aura