I will remove career blockages in your energy with reiki



Career blockages stem from personal blockages within your energy and/or from your past lives. 

1. Your past experiences stop you from progressing professionally tying your energy down to a particular event, experience or emotions.

2. You do not believe in your own will power, ability to do great or your self esteem stops you from going further in life.

3. You do not know how to use your internal abilities, what you already know, and your inner strength to manifest into a career bringing you what you want.

4. You lack patience and want everything instead of working for it. A career is a growth not something you achieve right away.

In this gig, I will clear your career blockages from your energy to bring you a new vibration and a stable progression towards a career you want to pursue. All the blockages within your energy will be cleared allowing your energy to attract a career you long for. BUT YOU MUST WORK FOR IT TOO BECAUSE THE ENERGY I WILL SEND YOU WILL DISAPPEAR OVER TIME IF NOT USED WISELY. IT IS YOUR HUMAN WILL HOW YOU CHOOSE TO USE THIS SESSION FOR YOUR CAREER GROWTH. 

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