I will strengthen your law of attraction



Law of attraction is:

  • What you think about.
  • What you attract to your energy.
  • What you give your energy to (thoughts, emotions, self-development, etc)


Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative.

Where you put your energy is what you will attract. If you think about why something is wrong in your life, you will attract only that low vibrational energy. You will build this energy instead of attracting positive energy. When you focus on positive, Universe will help you bring that energy.

In this gig, I will clear your vibration for what you request for (i.e. increase your vibration for finances, love, health, job, etc). I will clear your energy to take out negative energies surrounding your vibration. This way you will be able to use the power of your energy or thought to improve your life.

It is important to understand and know the way you react to things in your lives forms and builds your life. After I balance the specific vibration for Law of Attraction, your work begins to keep this energy going. Control your thoughts to keep the positive energy alive.