Upgrade Your Kundalini Reiki To The New Version

$100.00 $50.00


Upgrade all 3 Kundalini Reiki levels, from any other version, to the new 2023 version!

Q: What’s the difference between example Kundalini Reiki 2022 and 2023?

A: The number behind the attunement name is the version number. It was originally intended to follow the years, but as energy is shifting and rising quickly, it’s now simply a version number, not connected to the year it seems to represent. So basically Kundalini Reiki 2023 is a stronger version of Kundalini Reiki 2022. Do you need to upgrade? You decide. If you like any of the systems and want to use the strongest version, then you might consider upgrading.

Includes a beautiful Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher certificate.

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1 & 2 (any version).

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 GMT + 7 on working days, but you do NOT need to be “present” (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not “prepared in advance”, but performed in “real time”. I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.