Reiki Kundalini Tumo Level 1 – 3b

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Reiki Kundalini Tu-Mo (RKT-M) is a hybrid of Reiki Tummo, Gtummo activation and Kundalini activation.

This is what each attunement does in Reiki Kundalini Tu-mo:

Level 1:

Connects you to the source of Reiki Kundalini Tu-mo energy-Clean your physical and etheric bodies from all blockages, negative energy and physical / emotional / spiritual diseases-Open all major charkas-Clear your shumsumna (main energy channel)-Level one Gtummo activation (respa level)

Level 2:

As above plus:-Clean two main nadis (ida + pingala) and 108 supporting nadis-Level two Gtummo activation (high respa level)

Level 3a (Personal Master):

As above plus:-Clean all nadis-All chakras opened, activated and cleaned further- Kundalini energy activated up to heart chakra-Gtummo booster

Level 3b (Master/Teacher):

As above plus:-Kundalini energy activated up to crown chakra-Pineal and pituitary glands activated-Third eye chakra activation-Gtummo booster-Authorization to give attunements to others


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