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Soulmate Reiki works on two levels: One, it helps clear out any blocks and issues the client may have around their soulmate(s). Two, it can help in manifesting a soulmate relationship. (This applies to both romantic and non-romantic soulmates.)

What is a Soulmate?

There  are  many  different  beliefs  and  definitions  of  a soulmate. For some, there is only one soulmate, the romantic lover that you reunite with again and again throughout time. For others, there are many soulmates. Even friends and family members can be considered soulmates by some.

Twin Flames

Some  believe  in  a  “Twin  Flame,”  which  is  the  classical definition of a soulmate as your better half, that person who completes you.

According to twin flame ideology, we only have one twin flame throughout eternity. Twin flames were said to be created perhaps at the beginning of time, when God Split up each soul into two separate souls.

The twin flame philosophy posits that each half of the twin flame is incomplete without the other. One half expresses the feminine energies, and the other half expresses the masculine energies.

Some believe that twin souls can only appear in traditional heterosexual pairings,  because  the  male  and  female energies, the opposing forces or “yin and yang,” complete one another.

This idea precludes homosexual relationships, unfortunately, unless one believes that individuals in same sex couples can take on roles that express male and female energies.

“The One”

The idea of “the one” is a soulmate that you are meant to be with as a romantic life partner in this lifetime. (It does not necessarily mean that you are meant to be with this person in every lifetime.) “The One” does not have to be a twin flame.

Multiple Soulmates

Many  believe  that  we  have  many  potential  “ones”  or lifetime romantic partners. Whether or not we are with any specific soulmate depends on timing, readiness, and any number of factors.

Soul Friends: Soulmates as Spiritual Connections

To some, soulmates may not be romantic connections at all. They could simply be friends or family members one has a very strong affinity with.

What Do You Believe?

Soulmate Reiki does not depend on you believing any specific philosophy regarding soulmates. It is up to you what you want to believe. If you believe in one twin soul, then you can work with Soulmate Reiki with that in mind. If you believe in soulmates as people you have strong spiritual connections with, then you can work with Soulmate Reiki on that level.

Since there is a great interest in soulmates as romantic life partners, some romantic  processes  are  included  in Soulmate Reiki manual.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2

Includes 1 manual and a beautiful certificate!

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 GMT + 7 on working days, but you do NOT need to be “present” (online), aware of the session or awake in the moment of the session. It is not “prepared in advance”, but performed in “real time”. I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.

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